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[[Image:|220px|MilestoneRSA logo]]
MilestoneRSA logo
開發者 Poseidon
版本歷史 2010年12月21日啟動
計算程序 WindowsLinux
項目平臺 BOINC 平臺
項目類別 密碼學
項目狀態 已結束&網站無法打開
官方網址 MilestoneRSA
項目文獻 分類:MilestoneRSA 相關文獻 通過 RSS 獲取項目新聞

MilestoneRSA 項目試圖對 Motorola Bootloader 的 1024 bit RSA 進行破解。

由于項目采用最原始的試除法進行破解,相對于 1024 bit 的 RSA 來說沒有任何意義,是一種對計算資源的浪費,這里不建議大家參加該項目。

MilestoneRSA is a boinc project trying to break a 1024 bit RSA key used by Motorola to sign the boot and recovery partitions on the Motorola Milestone. If this key could be broken, we would be able to sign our own boot/recovery images, which would enable us to run custom kernels and recovery images on the Milestone.

It is, of course, very unlikely that a 1024 bit RSA key can be broken. To break an RSA key, a large (1024 bits in our case) number n has to be factorized (split into its prime factors, of which there must be exactly two in the case of an RSA key). If those two prime numbers (p, q with p*q=n) can be found, the private key can be calculated instantly.

One of the best algorithms to factor large integers is the General Number Field Sieve, but even this algorithm would run several centuries on recent hardware to factor a 1024 bit integer. The GNFS guarantees a correct solution, but only after it has ended, so it is not feasable to use it.

This project uses the very naive bruteforce approach. In the worst case this algorithm will find the solution only after the earth is long gone (as in 'never' ;)), but there is a minimal chance that we're lucky and guess the correct key. To be honest, I cannot think of many events that are more unlikely to happen than finding the key, but it won't do any harm to try, so i encourage everyone with a few unused cpu cycles to follow the instructions below and join MilestoneRSA!


該項目基于 BOINC 平臺,簡要的加入步驟如下(已完成的步驟可直接跳過):

  1. 下載并安裝 BOINC 的客戶端軟件(官方下載頁面程序下載
  2. 點擊客戶端簡易視圖下的“Add Project”按鈕,或高級視圖下菜單中的“工具->加入項目”,將顯示向導對話框
  3. 點擊下一步后在項目列表中找到并單擊選中 MilestoneRSA 項目(如未顯示該項目,則在編輯框中輸入項目網址: ),然后點擊下一步
  4. 輸入您可用的電子郵件地址,并設置您在該項目的登錄密碼(并非您的電子郵件密碼)
  5. 再次點擊下一步,如項目服務器工作正常(并且有適合自身操作系統的計算程序),即已成功加入項目

更詳細的加入方法說明,請訪問 BOINC 新手指南BOINC 使用教程

本站推薦您加入 Team China 團隊,請訪問項目官方網站的 團隊檢索頁面,搜索(Search)并進入 Team China 的團隊頁面,點擊頁面中的 Join 并輸入用戶登錄信息即可加入!

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